"The Preeminence of Jesus"

V. The Prescriptions of Jesus (Romans - Jude)

     S. Jesus Is The Soundness of All Things (2 John)
          1. Practicing The Truths of God - v.1-6
               a. The Basis For Hospitality Is Truth - v.1-3
                    1) We Must Recognize The Elect of God - v.1a,b
                         a) The Lady Elected by God - v.1a "elect lady"
                         b) The Lady Endowed by God - v.1b "her children"
                    2) We Must Recognize The Family of God - v.1c,d
                         a) Love Friends In The Truth of God - v.1c "I love in truth"
                         b) Love F...

[the whole outline is 49 lines long]

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