"The Preeminence of Jesus"

V. The Prescriptions of Jesus (Romans - Jude)

     Q. Jesus Is The Stronger of All Things (2 Peter)
          1. The Provisions of A Christian - 1:3-11
               a. The Believers Assets - 1:1-4
                    1) Our Service To Christ - 1:1a,b
                    a) A Man Who Was Serving The Christ - 1:1a "bondservant"
                    b) A Man Who Was Sent By Christ - 1:1b "apostle"
                    2) Our Sufficiency In Christ - 1:1c,d
                    a) The People of Obtained Faith - 1:1c "those who have obtained"
                    b) The Process of Obtaining Faith- 1:1d "by the righteousness..."
                    3) Our Supply From Christ - 1:2-4
                    a) In Him We Have Pardon - 1:2a
                    b) In Him We Have Peace - 1:2b
                    c) In Him We Have P. . .

[the whole outline is 227 lines long]

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