Baptist Sermon Outlines Baptist Sermon Outlines
Baptist Sermon Outlines
Baptist Sermon Outlines
Baptist Sermon Outlines
Baptist Sermon Outlines
Baptist Sermon Outlines
Baptist Sermon Outlines

Pastor Daryl, South Texas
Dear Jim, I have for the longest time wished for a way to bring expository preaching and all the study that goes into that, together in a preachable outline. You have done that. We bring the study and prayer and you pull it all together in a well prepared alliterated outline. So now, even though I use many commentaries and study resources, I can now have continuity. Thank you Jim, for your valuable contribution to the preaching and teaching of God's Word. click to e-mail Pastor Daryl

Pastor Donnie
Dear sir, I'm very blessed with this purchase. The best money I spent in five years.I have been working hard at trying to come up with outlines and seeing what you have done has assured me that I am on the right track.You've helped me considerably, I know the outlines will help me to better serve God. God bless you and yours, click to e-mail Pastor Donnie

William Ellis, Senior Pastor Gaithersburg Church of God:
Thank you so much, I am actually preaching through Romans right now in our midweek service and have been alliterating the chapters and verses myself. I have pulled your Romans outlines and am going to use them as the backbone of my message tonight. I have changed a few of the words and added my own material, but I am already loving this and I have only had it for 30 minutes. Feel free to use this as a testimonial on your website or materials. God Bless, click here to e-mail Pastor Ellis

Rev. Frank Z., Pastor
Hey Jim, I really discovered a gold mine when I purchased your outlines. This effort on your part should be required in seminaries. Wish I had access to these 20 years ago. -- Rev. Frank Z., Pastor

Pastor Allen W.
Just wanted to zip off a short e-mail and thank you for your efforts with not only your outlines, but also your commentary on Revelation. It was a "thrilling" read (pun intended) and an eye opener to say the least. You have such a unique perspective on things. Thanks again. Pastor Allen W.

Some other comments used to describe these alliterated outlines:
"It's all about Jesus - as it should be - from Genesis 1:1 to the end of Revelation. Hallelujah!"
"A monumental work."
"Unparallel. Absolutely without equal!"
"Nothing else like it in print today."
"A must-have for pastors and Bible teachers!"
"Unique in sermon outlining history!"
"The outlines alone are worth it - but alliterated too!? A fabulous effort!"
"This work needs to be possessed by all who proclaim the Word of God."
"Brother Jim needs to be applauded for his efforts."
"This work deserves world-wide exposure."

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Baptist Sermon Outlines Baptist Sermon Outlines